A friend of mine started to give me the name  „biljazeera“ as a mix of my name and the news channel Aljazeera.  This blog was suppost to be named like this. But then I heart, that Aljazeera isn´t that objective these days. So I preferred to give this blog another name. I am still a little bit annoyed by all of those checkpoints and military guys. They are hiding their eyes behind sun glasses and look you directly into your eyes. You can´t see it, but you´ll feel it. It is up to them, if they let you pass, or ask you to stop your car….people respect them, they feel save because of their presence. I can kind of understand, since there is a potential risk of blasts always and everywhere……

En general, the current political situation is making mistrusting. It starts and ends at the Airport. You have to mind your words, in terms of not to offend others, or create mistakable situations.  You have to prove in Detail, where you are coming from, where you are up to and what are your plans. Everybody is on the watch at present. Therefore, taking pictures with unknown people on it, is not much liked. I can understand as well…

So, I am at the end of my trip now, which was only for one week ( far too short) on the occasion of my stay at Art Residence Aley. Unless all security checks I had a really, really good time, meeting a lot of very kind, friendly and respectful people and got a little view on this vibrating and fascinating city.

So: it looks like, no matter what, the Beyrouth people seem to be relaxed and to enjoy their lives……anyway, bye, bye, Beirut!

Most of all, thank you very much Nicole and Raghad, for a great, great, time!!