Beirut is full of contradictions and chaos, it is vibrating and you´ll never know, what might happen next. That is sometimes bad, but for some reason also good. Maybe that`s the reason why people just live their lives and enjoy it very much and are very relaxed. They are helping each other , even if they don´t know you. They invite you into their houses to be their guest. They are seriously interested in what you are telling them. Maybe I should move here, hehe… There are no specific rules here. I mean, of course there are, but no one really cares…nevertheless, living together is working. Even the traffic…

Beyrouth_5 Beyrouth_4


…meanwhile at least half of the red lights aren´t working, or would be ignored…




two ladys from the Area „Hadad“ are going to drink coffee together, after they did their morning sports programm


Beyrouth_15 Beyrouth_14

the electricity wires are difficult to ignore


a typical example for the living together between Christians and Moslems: the church was first, than there came the moschee. It got a higher tower, than that of the church. So, now the tower of the church has to be extended of course ……curious about, what comes next, hehe

Mannschaft …must be a real fan!

zwei_sessel Kuckucksuhr living_room_in_Christian_Area  Ventilator

Schrain_2 Schrain_1

Christians Area Hadad / Beirut


Bread City



means: no parking here ( even on Feiertagen ) – looks a bit nicer than ours…

Beyrouth_9 Beyrouth_8 Beyrouth_7


Downtown Gemayze / Beirut


…..I realize, that I missed the nightlife a bit….next time, though