A friend of mine started to give me the name  „biljazeera“ as a mix of my name and the news channel Aljazeera.  This blog was suppost to be named like this. But then I heart, that Aljazeera isn´t that objective these days. So I preferred to give this blog another name. I am still a little bit annoyed by all of those checkpoints and military guys. They are hiding their eyes behind sun glasses and look you directly into your eyes. You can´t see it, but you´ll feel it. It is up to them, if they let you pass, or ask you to stop your car….people respect them, they feel save because of their presence. I can kind of understand, since there is a potential risk of blasts always and everywhere……

En general, the current political situation is making mistrusting. It starts and ends at the Airport. You have to mind your words, in terms of not to offend others, or create mistakable situations.  You have to prove in Detail, where you are coming from, where you are up to and what are your plans. Everybody is on the watch at present. Therefore, taking pictures with unknown people on it, is not much liked. I can understand as well…

So, I am at the end of my trip now, which was only for one week ( far too short) on the occasion of my stay at Art Residence Aley. Unless all security checks I had a really, really good time, meeting a lot of very kind, friendly and respectful people and got a little view on this vibrating and fascinating city.

So: it looks like, no matter what, the Beyrouth people seem to be relaxed and to enjoy their lives……anyway, bye, bye, Beirut!

Most of all, thank you very much Nicole and Raghad, for a great, great, time!!


even after a couple of days, I still have to get adapted to the regular returning power blackout…

Oops! 16:34 - 16:37 und 17:16 - 17:19

„Syri Arts“ ,curated by Dr. Kathy Battista, Director of Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s Institute of Art New York

As you can see, no nonreflecting frames in here…c´est dommage…

art_23 art_22art_21art_20art_19art_18art_17art_16syri_artsart_9Maria_kassabart_7art_6Exhibition_overview 

working_5 working_4  working_1 SpotifyWorking




Beirut is full of contradictions and chaos, it is vibrating and you´ll never know, what might happen next. That is sometimes bad, but for some reason also good. Maybe that`s the reason why people just live their lives and enjoy it very much and are very relaxed. They are helping each other , even if they don´t know you. They invite you into their houses to be their guest. They are seriously interested in what you are telling them. Maybe I should move here, hehe… There are no specific rules here. I mean, of course there are, but no one really cares…nevertheless, living together is working. Even the traffic…

Beyrouth_5 Beyrouth_4


…meanwhile at least half of the red lights aren´t working, or would be ignored…




two ladys from the Area „Hadad“ are going to drink coffee together, after they did their morning sports programm


Beyrouth_15 Beyrouth_14

the electricity wires are difficult to ignore


a typical example for the living together between Christians and Moslems: the church was first, than there came the moschee. It got a higher tower, than that of the church. So, now the tower of the church has to be extended of course ……curious about, what comes next, hehe

Mannschaft …must be a real fan!

zwei_sessel Kuckucksuhr living_room_in_Christian_Area  Ventilator

Schrain_2 Schrain_1

Christians Area Hadad / Beirut


Bread City



means: no parking here ( even on Feiertagen ) – looks a bit nicer than ours…

Beyrouth_9 Beyrouth_8 Beyrouth_7


Downtown Gemayze / Beirut


…..I realize, that I missed the nightlife a bit….next time, though

17:06 - 17:08

Arrangement_Terasse_klein Einfahrt_klein Fernseher Garderobe Garten_klein Glasfiguren_klein Haus_auf_wand in_der_Küche_1 In_Küche_3 jardin_enfant Kalender_klein Ketten_und_schrein_klein Lampe_klein Muster_klein ornament_badezimmer_klein Restaurant_außen Restaurant_innen_1 Restaurant_innen_2 route_to_Zahle_klein Schlüsselaufhänger_klein Schnickschnack Schranktür_klein Schrankwand  Sofa_vor_Tapete_klein Telefon Terasse_2_klein Terasse_klein Toilettenpapier_klein Treelight Zahle

Getting started...


Lebanon is a country, where people got used to instability and chaos. So I recognized, that the best time to come here, is just to come and not to think about it too long. That´s what all Lebanese do.

Very normal here, is the presence of the military. Policemen are everywhere.  People say, that they feel comfortable and save because of their presence…..ok!

Also, there is a power blackout at least once a day….and since it becomes dark around 5 p.m., you´ll find yourself back in complete darkness

– like now



lasting for 2 or 3 minutes



Nevertheless, the Lebanese keep living and celebrating and enjoying life.


Art Residence Aley (ARA) is a Residency Program for Syrian Artists. It offers a huge working space, lots of tools, accomodation and covers all costs of living. It is located in Aley, a nice suburb of Beirut on the hillside.

And as it looks like, within a perfect environment – good for me

2013-10-28 01.24.22_klein 2013-10-28 01.24.10_klein 2013-10-28 06.41.40_klein2013-10-28 06.17.19_klein 2013-10-28 05.16.00_klein 2013-10-28 04.48.19_klein 2013-10-28 04.43.36_klein 2013-10-28 04.43.19_klein 2013-10-28 04.41.28_klein 2013-10-28 04.41.12_klein 2013-10-28 02.22.14_klein